To print double-sided, an additional printer must be configured in Windows.

To add a printer, you must go to this page in the Windows control panel.

Then select 'Add a printer'. The computer will then search for available printers. The printer will become visible and you can select it. The printer can be a copy of the current printer.

The printer can then be configured for double-sided printing. The method of configuration may differ per model.

Double click on the installed printer.

Select 'Adjust print options'

It is then possible to indicate whether the printer should print on one side or two sides.

Save all changes made.

This printer can then be created in XL-ENZ and linked to, for example, a confirmed delivery note. If you do not know how to connect a printer with XL-ENZ, you can use the manual for the printer manager. If it still does not work, you can contact the help desk.

Tip: Change the printer name to Printer X 2-Sided. This way you know exactly which printer is printing on both sides if you want to change settings.